19 Top Vegan Podcasts

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Looking for some vegan inspiration? Whether you’re after tips and advice about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, in-depth ethical discussions, plant-based nutrition and fitness, interviews with vegan figures or some pure entertainment, there’s a podcast out there to fill your needs. Start by checking out these 19 top vegan podcasts.

19 Top Vegan Podcasts

Rundown of the top vegan podcasts

1 – The Disclosure Podcast

Since: February 2019
Frequency: sporadic, between one and three episodes a month
Host: Ed Winters, otherwise known as Earthling Ed, a well-known vegan activist and public speaker. Ed is the co-founder and co-director of Surge, the organisation that founded the world-wide Official Animal Rights March and opened the non-profit Unity Diner in London.
Listen to The Disclosure Podcast 

The Disclosure Podcast

It’s a relative newcomer but this is one of my favourite vegan UK podcasts. In his typical calm, well-researched and reasoned fashion, Ed tackles all kinds of vegan topics, coming at debates from a strong animal rights and environmental angle. The Disclosure Podcast hosts brilliant and sometimes controversial guests, from an Irish dairy farmer to an undercover meat farm investigator. Popular episodes include how Covid-19 and veganism are connected, meat and masculinity, veganism and media bias and the ethics of backyard eggs. 

2 – The Bearded Vegans

Since: June 2018
Frequency: every Wednesday
Hosts: Andy Tabar, an activist who owns an organic clothing line Compassion Co and educates college students about animal agriculture on the 10 billion lives tour in the US. Co-host Paul Stellar teaches maths and is an animal rights activist.
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The Bearded Vegans Podcast

Often lauded as one of the best vegan podcasts out there, Andy and Paul have created a strong community of Beardos who tune in to listen to discussions about vegan issues. According to Paul and Andy, the Bearded Vegans podcast is intended to: “move beyond the basic vegan 101 and create more nuanced discussions for the seasoned vegan.”

Expect commentary on the latest vegan news and issues, from coronavirus and the environment to the launch of fake meats, media reviews and discussions on hot topics like vegan weddings. There are also regular mailbag editions to answer listener questions, often on the ethical grey areas of the vegan movement.

3 – Main Street Vegan podcast

Since: February 2014
Frequency: every Thursday
Host: Victoria Moran, author of Main Street Vegan: everything you need to know to eat healthfully and live compassionately in the real world. Victoria has been vegan for over three decades and runs a training programme for vegan lifestyle coaches and educators.
Listen to Main Street Vegan 

Main Street Vegan podcast

Main Street Vegan is one of the longer-running top vegan podcasts and provides tips and inspiration for new and long-term vegans alike. Episodes touch on vegan health and well-being and how to reduce your everyday impact on the environment, with discussions on honey, religion and veganism, nutrition questions and feminism. Victoria also hosts high-calibre guests such as Neal Barnard and PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk.

4 – Nutrition Facts with Dr Greger

Since: October 2019
Frequency: every Thursday
Host: Dr Michael Greger M.D. FACLM, author of New York Times Bestseller How Not to Die and founder of nutritionfacts.org. Greger is a Physician and fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, as well as an international speaker on nutrition and public health.
Listen to Nutrition Facts with Dr Greger 

Nutrition Facts by Dr Greger podcast

This top-rated vegan nutrition podcast features short, factual episodes that clearly explain the benefits of a plant-based diet. Learn about how a vegan diet can improve your health, with issues such as lowering blood pressure, guarding against Alzheimer’s and weight loss. You’ll also find spotlights on super-foods and episodes on topics like supplements, raising vegan kids and hormones in animal products. 

5 – Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!

Since: February 2015
Frequency: one episode a week on Mondays
Hosts: California friends Callie and Nichole are outspoken activists who produced Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! From 2015 to 2020 before launching their current podcast, Bitchy Shitshow, which still touches on veganism.
Listen to Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! 

Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! podacst

Vegan Warrior Princesses is one of the first podcasts about veganism that I downloaded and it covers a wide range of topics. Nichole and Callie come at things from an anti-capitalist, feminist, anarchist and vegan perspective and set up the podcast as a source of support for the vegan community. Episodes include everything from dating advice and consent culture to advice columns and media reviews, racism in the vegan movement, food law and body positivity. If you’re looking for in-depth, heated discussions on social justice issues, then this is the podcast for you.

6 – The Reluctant Vegan

Since: February 2016
Frequency: sporadic
Hosts: Dan and Jess are an Australian couple who became vegan in 2016, launching the podcast as a way to document their journey. They also have a blog with interviews, recipes and personal updates and run vegan food tours in Melbourne and Sydney.
Listen to the Reluctant Vegan 

The Reluctant Vegan podcast

In 2014, Dan and Jess adopted a cat, which became the catalyst for their vegan transformation. Today, they joke that while Jess is the enthusiastic vegan half of the couple, Dan is the reluctant one who catalogues the challenges they face, from explaining veganism to family to launching a vegan business.  Listen in for updates on their vegan life and inspiration on how to live a whole food, plant-based diet.

7 – Brown Vegan podcast

Since: September 2013
Frequency: sporadic
Host: Monique, who has been on a vegan journey with her family since 2010. As well as podcasting and blogging, Monique speaks at private events and cooking demos and has been featured in publications such as Good Morning Washington and the New York Times.
Listen to Brown Vegan 

Brown Vegan podcast

Join Monique on her quest to make a vegan lifestyle accessible for everyone, with tips on grocery shopping, meal planning and how to stay vegan. The podcast also focuses on recipes, vegan entrepreneurship and interviews with well-known figures in the vegan movement. Episodes highlight topics like vegan travel blogging, veganism and business, black vegan activism, vegan teenagers and how to survive thanksgiving. This is the perfect podcast if you’re just transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

8 – Live Planted

Since: February 2016
Frequency: sporadic
Host: Alyssa from the USA, who produces this conversational, informal podcast for people interested in a plant-based lifestyle.
Listen to Live Planted

Live Planted podcastIn Live Planted, Alyssa and her co-host Sarah enlist expert guests to learn how to build a sustainable vegan lifestyle. Episodes detail everything from body image to budget vegan living, a zero-waste lifestyle, environmentalism, feminism and animal rights. Quality guests have included vegan artists, health coaches and figures like Lauren Toyota and High Carb Hannah. Alyssa also talks about her own vegan pregnancy experience.

9 – Minimalist Vegan

Since: February 2019
Frequency: Sporadic, every couple of weeks
Hosts: Michael and Maša Ofei from Tasmania, best-selling authors and bloggers. They focus on minimalism, productivity, health and ethical shopping alongside publishing vegan recipes. The couple have also published a book: The Minimalist Vegan: A simple manifesto on why to live with less stuff and more compassion.
Listen to Minimalist Vegan 

Minimalist Vegan podcast

Interested in a zero-waste, minimalist lifestyle? Then you’ll find loads of tips and inspiration on this chatty podcast. Michael and Maša have honest conversations about how to live intentionally with less stuff and more compassion, referencing their own lives and experiences. Popular episodes include how to transition to a vegan lifestyle, the future of minimalism and ‘is there such a thing as humane meat?’

10 – No Meat Athlete

Since: July 2013
Frequency: every Thursday
Hosts: Matt Frazier, a marathoner and ultra-runner who owns a popular fitness blog, No Meat Athlete. The site documents Matt’s switch to a vegetarian and then later a vegan lifestyle and how it has influenced his athletic regime.
Listen to No Meat Athlete 

No Meat Athlete podcast

No Meat Athlete is a top-notch vegan fitness podcast offering a bounty of running and training tips, advice on how to live a healthy, plant-based lifestyle and how to make habit changes stick. Matt discusses new topics and regularly features guests from the health and fitness world, with episodes such as running workouts and strength training to supplements and even plant-based parenting.

11 – Vegan Danielle

Since: January 2019
Frequency: two to three episodes a week
Host: Danielle, from California, who has been vegan since 2015 and does activism work with Anonymous for the Voiceless.
Listen to Vegan Danielle 

Vegan Danielle podcast

Danielle shares her inspiring journey of overcoming addiction in this personal podcast. A big part of Danielle’s transformation involves becoming vegan and focusing on fitness, as well as getting involved with animal rights activism. Learn Danielle’s tips and tricks for living your best vegan life and listen to guests discuss topics lie vegan business and medical research studies.

12 – Food for Thought

Since: March 2006
Frequency: every Tuesday
Host: Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, a speaker, cultural commentator and author of seven books on vegan living, including the Joyful Vegan. Colleen has been working on vegan awareness for 20 years and also has a prominent website.
Listen to Food for Thought 

Food for Thought podcast

Food for Thought is an award-winning podcast and one of the longest-running in the vegan niche, it even has a spin-off series, Animology: revealing the animals in our everyday words and expressions. Predominantly a plant-based nutrition podcast, Food for Thought tackles all aspects of living and eating compassionately and healthily. Key episodes address common queries about being vegan and debunk vegan myths. Check out the episodes on wildlife tourism, being vegan at work and palm oil. 

13 – Rich Roll

Since: 2013
Frequency: one to two episodes a week
Host: Rich, an ultra-endurance athlete and former entertainment attorney who is now a wellness and plant-based nutrition expert. Rich is a successful public speaker and number one bestselling author with his memoir: Finding ultra: rejecting middle age, becoming one of the world’s fittest men and discovering myself.
Listen to Rich Roll 

Rich Roll podcast

Rich Roll is a popular vegan athlete podcast which dominates the vegan top 10 lists and has had over 75 million downloads. The podcast covers all things wellness with a vegan mindset, featuring guests from the health, fitness, nutrition, art and entrepreneurship fields. Think doctor Michael Klaper, strong-man Patrik Baboumian and musician Moby.

14 – Our Henhouse

Since: October 2016
Frequency: every Saturday
Hosts: Jasmin Singer, senior editor of VegNews Magazine and author of the memoir: Always too much and never enough about finding herself through juicing, veganism and love. Co-host Mariann Sullivan, a lawyer and lecturer in animal law at Columbia Law School.
Listen to Our Henhouse

Our Hen House podcast

Our Henhouse is a thought-provoking podcast that focuses on being vegan for the animals and creating a better world for all species. Jasmin and Mariann interview top vegan activists to find out what’s new in the animal rights movement and review new vegan companies, media and products. Popular episodes include C Lou Hamilton on veganism, sex and politics and ACT Asia’s Pei Sui on banning Chinese wildlife markets in the wake of Covid-19.

15 – Vegan Business Talk

Since: December 2017
Frequency: one episode every two weeks
Host: Katrina Fox, a journalist, media trainer and vegan business coach. As the author of Vegan Ventures: start and grow an ethical business, Katrina offers a consultation service and runs a popular blog and marketing tips newsletter.
Listen to Vegan Business Talk 

Vegan Business Talk podcast

This one-of-a-kind podcast puts the spotlight on vegan entrepreneurship, delivering the latest in vegan business news and interviewing big names in the industry from around the world. Guests include celebrity and VBites owner Heather Mills, Emma Osborne the founder of vegan recruitment firm Citizen Kind and Grace Regan, the founder of SpiceBox curry house in London. Katrina also publishes standalone episodes with business advice such as how to get through the Covid-19 crisis.

16 – The ChickPeeps

Since: November 2017
Frequency: every Wednesday
Hosts: Evanna Lynch of Harry Potter fame is the ChickPeeps creator, joined by co-hosts from the music, film and activism industries: Momoko Hill, Robbie Jarvis and Tylor Starr.
Listen to The ChickPeeps 

The Chickpeeps Vegan podcast

This fun, uplifting podcast benefits from having an array of voices to explore and unpick dilemmas faced by vegans. The hosts share their personal stories and philosophies on living a vegan lifestyle, discussing everything from vegan parenting to keeping animals in the wild, making vegan allies, fighting fast fashion, effective activism and vegan dating. The ChickPeeps often features guests from the animal rights world, from Earthling Ed to Joey Carbstrong and the Vegan Society.

17 – Ordinary Vegan

Since: November 2015
Frequency: every two weeks
Host: Nancy Montuori from the US went vegan after watching Forks over Knives in 2011 and was subsequently able to cut out the statin medication she took for high cholesterol. In 2013, Nancy became certified in plant-based nutrition at Cornell University and later started her podcast about vegan health, weight loss and plant-based cooking.
Listen to Ordinary Vegan 

Ordinary Vegan podcast

Ordinary Vegan is a down-to-earth top vegan podcast that shows vegan food can be delicious and healthy. Every episode addresses common questions about a vegan lifestyle, offering recipe tips and nutrition advice with the aim of helping listeners live long, healthy lives that are kind to the planet and animals. Check out episodes such as is vegan meat healthy? Vegan cooking essentials, foods to boost your immunity and the role of supplements.

18 – The Vegan Activist Podcast

Since: March 2016
Frequency: Sporadic
Host: Michael creates educational videos, short films and documentaries about veganism and activism. As well as the podcast, he has a Youtube channel and a blog that tracks his journey to becoming an animal rights activist.
Listen to The Vegan Activist 

Vegan Activist podcast

The Vegan Activist Podcast does a great job of tackling activism topics and inspiring people to get out and fight for animal rights. Michael shares his personal stories about becoming an activist such as breaking into a free-range egg farm and offers interesting debates on issues like being vegan at university, male eating disorders and how to stay friends with meat eaters. This unique podcast offers a distinctive voice in the world of vegan podcasts.

19 – That Vegan Couple

Since: July 2017
Frequency: two to three episodes per month
Hosts: That Vegan Couple are Natasha and Luca, healthy lifestyle advocates, minimalists and travellers. The pair have a successful YouTube channel and are well-known social media influencers, animal rights activists, eBook authors and public speakers.
Listen to That Vegan Couple 

That Vegan Couple podcast

The first 25 episodes of That Vegan Couple’s podcast are free to listen to, with subsequent episodes available when you support them on Patreon for at least $1 a month. Listen in for interviews with guests like James Aspey and listener questions and reviews of films like Unlocking the Cage. Episodes worth listening to include how to deal with a non-vegan partner and ‘is eating animals bad karma?’

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